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Customers who purchased our How-To Kit are instantly

falling in love with how easy it is to make beautiful, edible Blossoms!



Vermilion, OH


“I love making Spoon Blossoms.  They are really easy and fun to make!”



Canton, OH

Easy & Fun

After buying a kit for myself and making the peanut butter blossom from the booklet, I bought 2 more kits to give to friends!  Making a SB is EASY & FUN!!!! I used the peanut butter that has natural oils, so it was a little mushier compared to using the suggested brand. I think it turned out BEAUTIFUL and my table looked amazing with NO EFFORT…YAY SB!  That peanut butter SB recipe is YUMMY!!!!!

Sally F.

Sally F.

Broadview Heights, OH


“I ordered my How-To Kit right before the holidays. I am so happy that I was able to entertain friends and family with a beautiful display of Spoon Blossoms! We made all the flavors available in the booklet (which is so nicely done and helpful). The product itself is very strong and durable, and I’m so glad that it’s dishwasher safe. I know I’m going to continue making Spoon Blossoms for years to come!”

Beverly U.

Brentwood, TN

Fabulous Product

“What a beautiful way to grace your table with a Butter or Cream Cheese Blossom. It also makes a great gift for that someone special in your life.”

Julianne W.

Fairview Park, OH

It Takes a Little Practice

It takes a little practice but we have enjoyed making these beautiful flowers for family functions. Everyone talks about them.

Dawn T.

Barrington, IL

The best

“The packaging is adorable with easy to follow instructions and suggestions. Blossoms look beautiful on the table.”

Jan M.

Richmond Heights, OH

So fun!
“It took a few attempts, but very easy to use and the creations are amazing! Many compliments were had!”

Nancy P.

Strongsville, OH

Family Fun!

I purchased three starter kits and extra domes just before the Christmas holidays. I had seen a demonstration on a local tv program. My daughters and I do lots of entertaining and the spoon blossom added some new looks to our favorite food platters.

Jan P.

Pekin, IL


“This should be called awesome blossom…. this instrument turns ordinary ingredients into magnificent creations of beauty….the blossoms are truly a conversation piece on your dining table…. so impressive!!!”

Kathy P.

Parma Hts, OH


“Outstanding product and very versatile.”





“Look what I made!!! It was so easy to make this butter blossom with my new Spoon Blossoms kit.”

Debbie C.

Huron, OH

Spoon Blossoms

“I like the variety of ‘ blossoms ‘ that can be made, from butters to cheese spreads. The ease of creating is helpful!!”