About Us

Spoon Blossoms look as good as they taste…

Each Spoon Blossom is Handmade…Petal by Petal

Maureen Pelagalli Lehman is the proud owner of “Spoon Blossoms” Spreadable Edible Petals. I truly believe everyone needs a little “blossom” in their lives!

The time and effort put into entertaining is priceless. The time spent together making Spoon Blossoms will bring out the untapped imagination of any child or adult.

Spoon Blossoms are any age friendly! They may look hard to make, but believe it or not, you can create these beautiful flowers with ease. With just the use of a spoon and Patent Pending Bloom Rest.

We are always in a hurry, sitting down to enjoy a meal with family and friends seems to be only on holidays.  Spoon Blossoms is going to change that, come back to the table and set a place for yourself and your family. Give your very best effort at your next gathering, show off your new found Spoon Blossoms skill.

The only thing stopping you from becoming the perfect host is now at your fingertips, try these simple, fast, fun techniques and you will Blossom.

Pass the Spoon Blossoms Please…