About Us

Butter should look as good as it tastes…

Each Spoon Blossom is Handmade…Petal by Petal

Maureen Pelagalli Lehman recently founded Spoon Blossoms.  She strongly believes that everyone needs a little butter in their lives!

Maureen has such a love for butter that she developed a technique using spoons to create beautiful flowers out of butter – spreadable edible butter petals.

Flowers, being as beautiful as they naturally are, inspired Maureen to create centerpieces with her Spoon Blossoms. From the smallest of dinners to the largest of gatherings, Spoon Blossoms can add a fun, sophisticated, and very special touch to any table. The fact that Spoon Blossoms are deliciously spreadable edible butter petals, in addition to making beautiful centerpieces, is an added bonus!

Pass the Spoon Blossoms Please…

Here’s some info that only adds to our #ButterLove:

  • Spoon Blossoms are odor free and self-contained. They can be frozen for up to one year.
  • Spoon Blossoms are best served at Room Temperature. Serve with your favorite greenery for a beautiful, elegant touch.
  • A Regular Size Spoon Blossoms can feed up to 15 guests. An individual Mini can feed anywhere from 1-4 (both feeding amounts depend on how much or little you use).
  • We are a One-Ingredient Kitchen, and only use Pure Grade AA Butter, which is the highest rating given to butter. U.S. Grade AA Butter is made from sweet cream; it has a smooth, creamy texture which makes it easy to spread, and has a light, fresh flavor with a small amount of salt.