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Watch as Spoon Blossoms is featured on local television!

WKYC Channel 3:

“Lakeside Today” 3/22/18

Jazz Up Your Easter Displays with Spoon Blossoms

SPOON BLOSSOMS, the tasty “Spreadable Edible Butter Flower” is back!! Here to explain how they can help add the perfect detail to your Easter Dinner & displays is Maureen Lehman, Owner of Spoon Blossoms.

WKYC Channel 3:

“Lakeside Today” 11/7/17

Jazz Up Your Thanksgiving Feast with Spoon Blossoms

Spoon Blossom’s Maureen Pelagalli Lehman joins Michael & Hollie in the kitchen to discuss the tasty, spreadable, edible butter flower – the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving feast.

WJW Channel 8:

“New Day Cleveland” 10/27/16

Spoon Blossom’s Maureen Pelagalli Lehman was featured on “New Day Cleveland” with David Moss to discuss her spreadable edible flower petals, and exactly how you can use them to add a special touch to any table!